Twinleaf Town (Japanese: フタバタウン Futaba Town) is located in the south-western area of the Sinnoh Region. This is where both the player and thier rival begin the game. It is the closest town to Lake Verity, the home of Uxie. The people refer to it as thier local lake. Just north of Twinleaf Town is Route 201, which leads to Verity Lakefront by going right and Sandgem Town by going left.

Places to SeeEdit

Player's HouseEdit

This is where the player starts the game. The player's mother also lives here. After you begin your journey, you can visit Twinleaf Town and your mother will heal you and all of your Pokémon, just lika Pokémon Center would.

The house has two floors. The lower level is a kitchen/living room, while the upper level is the player's bedroom. The player's beedroom contains a TV, a Wii with a Wii Remote, a bed and a PC. The PC says, "Pokémon Basics... People live alongside Pokémon in this world. People who battle Pokémon are called Pokémon Trainers."

Rival's HouseEdit

The player's rival and his mother reside here. The house is basically the same as the player's.


The population of Twinleaf Town is 8, making it the least populated twon in the Sinnoh Region.


Item Location
Odd Keystone Found in tree on the left side of the pond. Requires HM 03 Surf and Pokétch App Dowsing Machine
Running Shoes Obtained from player's mother at the stsrt of the game.
Journal Obtained from player's mother after returning from Sandgem Town for the first time.
Parcel Obtianed from rival's mother in rival's house.


Pokémon Location Level Rate
Psyduck Surfing 20-30 90%
Golduck Surfing 20-40 10%
Magikarp Fishing* 3-15 100%
Magikarp Fishing* 10-25 65%
Goldeen Fishing* 10-25 35%
Gyrados Fishing* 30-55 65%
Seaking Fishing* 30-55 35%


  • Twinleaf Town's motto in Japanese is translated to, "Where new leves breathe."
  • Twinleaf Town is the only town in which the player starts, but the professor does not.
  • In Pokémon Platinum, footprints can be seen after walking in snow, Bicycle tracks cannot.
  • The player's and rival's houses both have two chimneys. However, niether of the two has a fireplace.
  • The roads of Twinleaf Town form the kanji 土, meaning earth.